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It is FRAUD to present exchange coupons that are not included in this exchange directive. Retailers need to pay close attention when accepting coupons. Retailers do not accept coupons that have been reproduced, photocopied, mutilated, trimmed or modified in any way. Coupons can only be exchanged by a consumer who buys the specific products listed on the coupon (i.e. the mark indicated, size and quantity) and only in accordance with the conditions indicated on the coupon page and in this collection policy. The face value of the coupon must be deducted from the retail price. Only one coupon is taken into account for each item purchased. GP only accepts coupon submissions duly identified and received directly by the merchant or through an approved clearing centre; The seller`s billing agent or the wholesaler billing agency. GP coupons duly exchanged at: Jurisdiction – Any action related to the processing of coupons or payment disputes is filed within 18 months of the original date of payment of the coupon, or such claims are deemed extinguished. Such an action is filed and executed in state or federal court in Erie County, New York.

Each party is responsible for its own legal fees and fees. Coupons cannot be transferred and are cancelled if they are transferred from their original recipient to another person, company or group before cashing in. Coupons must not be used in exchange boxes, pasted or collected on the product and distributed by another person or group for charity purposes, or used in any way, except as described in section 1 above. Mentholatum`s company only accepts coupons that are duly exchanged and identified: (a) directly by the distributor or through an approved distributor clearing agency (b), c) the distributor`s billing office or (c) wholesale billing agent. Coupons are not taken into account when presented by unauthorized individuals or companies. Coupons are deemed void if they are presented by an agency or broker that has not been authorized by The Mentholatum Company. If false or misleading verification information is provided on a questionnaire addressed to the Mentholatum Company or the Certified Clearing House, The Mentholatum Company`s cashing privileges may be permanently terminated. To redeem coupons for the Mentholatum Company, you send duly redeemed coupons: coupons distributed prior to this agreement now reflect The Mentholatum Company`s redemption policy and replace all existing guidelines prior to this agreement.

the face value of the coupons or, if the coupon requires free products for the retail price (up to the amount shown), GP reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to deal directly with retailers in all cases related to the submission of a coupon; Reviewing the coupon sorting service and billing an agent involved in the coupon process; and retain commercial funds to collect coupons deemed inappropriate by GP. The customer undertakes not to take unjustified deductions on Mentholatum Company`s product invoices for amounts directly or indirectly related to the receipt of the voucher.