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The third article requires a definition of the expected lifespan (in years and months) of these terms. The company or creator should provide this information about the vacuum in the statement directly under the title “3rd period.” Once the expiration date has been filed, the agent must check one of the fields if they want to make the non-competition effective. The first box indicates that it should start after the validity date of this document, while the second box indicates that it should start with the company on the last day of the employee`s professional relationship. A non-compete agreement is a legal document that provides that one party will not compete with another party in the same sector or geographic area. Often, this agreement is signed when a company hires an employee. It can also be entered between companies and suppliers, professionals and the self-employed, after an employee has already worked with the company for any time. For example, a senior public servant who has relationships with the company`s key customers could leave these clients and perhaps encourage them to do so. The same employee would also have access to proprietary information, creative or intellectual property and internal information that would pose a risk to competitors. The Florida Non-Compete Agreement model allows Florida State companies to implement this document to protect its market position during the process of hiring a potential independent employee/contractor. These documents are fairly standard as a company`s trade secrets and confidential information are generally considered valuable tools when competing with other companies that offer similar products and/or services. This document will determine how the continued protection of proprietary information, trade secrets, etc., which will be provided to the employee (during employment) with respect to the employee concerned. In other words, this contract binds the employee to the company`s privacy by giving him a written commitment to do so.

In the event of a violation of the documented agreement, the courts may award damages to the company or the company, depending on the various possibilities allowed by the non-compete laws. In 1996, Florida`s status was rewritten. State legislators have passed a non-competition law that is very favourable to employers. The basic rules of the statue are quite simple. Nevertheless, you need to understand legal standards and enforcement considerations. However, be aware that many companies use a single solution, with their competition prohibitions, that they consider ineffective and unenforceable in the eyes of the law. At FGBO Law, we specialize in workers` rights and help employees fight unfair restrictive alliances. For example, Illinois recently passed the Illinois Freedom to Work Act, which prohibits companies from imposing competition bans with low-wage workers. The State of Illinois justifies this decision by the fact that these agreements were put in place to protect companies from intellectual property theft and relationships with senior officials, in particular. The application of the same agreement with low-wage workers poses unreasonable difficulties for the employee. If you think your non-competition obligations are unfair, remember that employers need to develop agreements to meet each company`s legal requirements.