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One of the often overlooked problems of those who wish to expand their activities through the order of resellers is to ensure that these relationships are managed adequately. It is important to examine, to carefully understand contractual rights, but also to monitor the actions of resellers to ensure that they create a transferable value, or risk that they will try to bypass the supplier. Problems such as extensions and specific areas and the assurance that customers or customers can be properly maintained in the event of a dealer failure must also be taken into account. Contract management can also be critical when there is a large dealer base. The reseller does not have the knowledge to use the software provided The reseller does not have the technology necessary for the successful implementation of the software In cases where the software provider and the reseller are not established in the same country, it is necessary to define the applicable law. Although resellers sell products to end-users in accordance with their country`s laws, rules and regulations, the same rules may not apply to the software provider. In addition to these problems, software reseller agreements are intended to protect both parties from legal issues that may have more serious consequences, for example.B.: a reseller contract (reseller agreement) is a contract that allows a party (reseller) to sell, market, market or lean a product or service of another (supplier). Re-sale agreements are also called distribution, supply or distribution agreements. Often the supplier is also the manufacturer of the goods, but they may be the importer, a developer of the service or a licensee of software or training programs. One thing to keep in mind here is that, regardless of its geographical location, the agreement should be in English. In some cases, the agreement can be translated into other languages, but note that the English version always takes precedence over all other versions. The reseller receives a product that is not what he or his customers need If you want to extend the sale saas by ordering a dealer, this detailed agreement covers the basic legal issues. The content and a brief excerpt are listed below.

The developer cannot deliver the product to the reseller If the software is your business, using the right resources for a reseller`s authorization, z.B. of a contract checklist, is essential to present a professional and effective image. A product reseller contract submits in writing the restrictions and extent of the dealer`s power to represent your brand. From a dealer`s point of view, an exclusive deal may seem much more advantageous, because you don`t have to “fight” for each individual customer, with hundreds of people trying to sell them exactly the same product. For a white-label software market to work, it must be beneficial to both parties – the producer and reseller should benefit from the collaboration. Because it is one of the main pillars of this business method: companies complement each other in terms of economic benefits and marketing. Software reseller agreements ensure that both parties respect their end of the bargain. In this way, these agreements not only serve as a guarantor of the proper functioning of work, but also contribute to the establishment of quality and sustainable trade relations. Safer and frankly, the best option for the reseller is the ability to sell the products as their own intellectual property. White-label solutions don`t require you to credit the original software developer in any way. Instead, you can customize the product as much as you like, resell it as your own and build your brand while generating revenue.